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Salkantay Trek To Machu Picchu 5D/4N

Salkantay Trek Lake Humantay Mapi Andean Hikers Peru
Destination: Machu Picchu  Altitude: Max. 4,600 m.
Activity: Trekking Length: 5D/4N
Min. people: 2 pax Physical Grading: 3/5

Cusco – Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu

Did you run out of space for the Inca Trail? Don’t worry that the salkantay Trek is ideal for you. The snowy Salkantay is an alternative route to arrive at the citadel of Machu Picchu; this route crosses the cordillera of vilcabamba. Before traveling, you should keep in mind that you will reach a height of 4,600 masl. Or 15,091 ft. which is the Salkantay Pass, this is a Hike that we can do from 5 days which is the classic and also in 3 or 4 days, along the walk we will go through different types of terrain and climate, where we will observe snowy mountains, colorful lakes, cloud forest, streams, waterfalls, etc. Don’t stay without doing the Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu take advantage and book now this hike, Andean Hikers Peru is waiting for you!

Price US$ 450.00 per person


Day #1: CUSCO – MOLLEPATA – SORAYPAMPA (Humantay Lake)


We will pick you up from your accommodation in Cusco in between 4:30 to 5:00 am. then we travel in our private van for 2 hours until to arrive to Mollepata where you can order your breakfast in a local restaurant, after this we take again the van for 1 more hour until to reach to Marco Ccasa where is the beginning of our Salkantay Trek, here we are going to meet the horses and the horseman who will pack your duflle bag (provided by us) and all the camping equipment and cooking stuff. This day we will walk for around 5 to 6 hours, it’s 3 hours easy walk up hours to get Cruzpata where we are going to take our delicious and varied lunch, after the lunch we can enjoy the beautiful peruvian andean landscapes, especially when you have in front an Amazing views of the Humantay snow capped mountain and the Salkantay snow capped mountain, then we continue for about 2 h 30 min. more until to reach our first campsite Soraypampa (3800 masl = 12467 ft.) arriving by the afternoon, after a break, we continue in order to visit the beautiful Humantay Lake (4200 masl = 13779 ft.) fed by the Humantay snow capped mountain, it takes 1h30 min. to get to this lake, where you will have an explanation of your guide about this lake, sometimes when the weather is sunny some trekkers dare to taste the waters of this beautiful lake, swimming in it. After visiting the lake we return to our Soraypampa campsite where our chef will be waiting for us with our delicious and consistent dinner. It’s advisable to sleep early tonight to be ready for the next day which will be the longest and hardest day of the whole trek. We must take into Account that this first night at Soraypampa is the coldest night along the trek, because Soraypampa is located in the middle of 2 snow capped mountain, The Humantay and the Salkantay, so during the night time temperatura can dropdown to – 5°C.


Walking distance: 15km = 9 miles

Campsite Altitude: Soraypampa 3800 masl.= 12467 ft.

Physical Grading: 2/5

Weather: Cold.



This day for most Trekkers is the longest and hardest day of the whole Salkantay Trek, we will walk for about 7 to 8 hour, we take breakfast very early, then we continue towards an ascent of 4 hours, where 2 hours we go up gradually then 2 hours where it’s steep, until to reach the Slakantay Pass (4600 masl = 15091 ft.).  from here you will have a spectacular view of the mighty Salkantay. You have to know that in the peruvians andes the highest mountains like Salkanay are considered like Gods, and therefore your guide will perform a payment ceremony to the mother earth (Pachamama) and the Salkantay mountain, where it’s offered some coca leaves, some fruits, cookies or candies. You are free to participate in this ceremony or not. After taking a rest, we continue our trek for 1h30 min. more (downhill) until Huayracmachay where our chef and horseman will be waiting for us with a big banquet for lunch. Then will ge tinto the cloud forest and we need to walk for around 2 more hours until to reach our second campsite Chawllay (2900 masl.= 9514 ft.) arriving by the afternoon around 4:00 pm.


Walking distance: 21km = 12,4 miles

Campsite Altitude: Chawllay 2900 masl.= 12467 ft.

Physical Grading: 4/5

Weather: moderated Cold.

Day #3CHAWLLAY – PLAYA SAHUAYACO (Coffe Plantation)


After our breakfast we continue walking down, for about 6 hours until to ge tour next campsite Playa Sahuayaco (2064 masl = 6771 ft.) along the trail we will have the opportunity to see the majestic landscape of the cloud forest, where we will see small waterfalls, streams, plants like, orchids, palms, heliconias, bromeliads, etc. Also we can see animals like many birds amoong them, hummingbirds, parrots, parakeets, and the famous cook of the rock which is the national bird of Peru, and Finally if we are lucky we can see the great spectacled bear, We arrive to Playa Sahuayaco around 1:00 pm where our delicious lunch will be ready waiting for us. In the afternoon if you wish we can take a bus (Optional) to Santa Teresa, where we can enjoy the Natural hotspring of Santa Teresa, it’s advisable to visit this hot spring since after 3 days walking the hot spring helps a lot to the relaxation of the muscles and nerves of the body. After enjoying for 2 hours the natural hot spring, we need to go back to Playa Sahuayaca where the owner of this campsite has a coffee Plantation so he will teach us everything concerning to the coffee such as planting, harvesting, crushing, toasting and in general the coffee’s preparation, if you love coffee this is the right place where you will enjoy very much. After this we will be ready to accompany our coffee with our succulent, varied and delicious dinner prepared by our professional chef.


Walking distance: 16km = 9 miles

Campsite Altitude: Playa Sahuayaco 2064 masl.= 6771 ft.

Physical Grading: 3/5

Weather: hot and humid.



After our breakfas, we are still walking into the cloud forest for 2 more hours until to take a transport that will take us for around 1 more hour until hidroelectica, where we are going to have lunch, after our lunch we are going to walk for about 3 hours until reach Aguas Calientes,. We will be walking these 3 hours next the train rail. Once we get Aguas Calientes we will check in, to our Hotel and after we settled in our hotel, we will have a dinner in a local restaurant, during this dinner your guide will give you a briefing about the visit to Machupicchu the next morning.


Walking distance: 13km = 8 miles

Aguas Calientes Altitude: 2050 masl.= 6725 ft.

Physical Grading: 2/5

Weather: hot and humid.



This is the most important day because you will visit the beautiful and Amazing citadel of Machu Picchu, this day we will wake up very eraly in the morning to walk up toward Machu Picchu for about 1h 40 min. You can take a bus up to Machupicchu if you wish (bus up is not included) Machu Picchu opens at 6:00 am and the mystical sunrise from the mountain surrounding Machu Picchu start around 6:30 am, after seeing the sunrise you will have a guided tour for around 2h30 min. where your guide will explain you the main places of Machupicchu, after this is the end of the guide’s job.  it’s at this momento where the guide say goodbye to everybody. After this you can explore Machu Picchu by your own, and if you have the excursión to the Huaynapicchu Mountain or Machu Picchu Mountain you have to do it, but depends What time is your starting hour of your excursión to these Mountains. (Huyanapicchu Mountain and Machu Picchu Mountain is optional you need to le tus know in advance if you wish to climb up one of these mountains). You need to go out from Machu Picchu at 12:00 pm. and go to Aguas Calientes where you can take Lunch in a Local Restaurant (optional not included). After this you can explore Aguas Calientes and wait for your train to Ollantaytambo, it takes 2 hours by train to Ollantaytambo where our transport will be waiting for you to take you back to Cusco. we leave you in your hotel or near to this. About the train we will provide you the turistic class train, the train departure times can be in between 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm. it depends of the availability of the sapces.


Physical Grading: 2/5

Meals included: Breakfast in the Hotel.

Weather: hot and humid.




  • Bilingual and certified Tour Guide.
  • A briefing about the trek with your guide the day before
  • Pick up from your accomodation
  • Private transport to the Trail Head
  • Andean ceremony, offering to the mother earth on the Salkantay Pass
  • Entrance ticktes to Machupicchu
  • A night hotel at Aguas Calientes (private room, wifi, hot shower, cable Tv.)
  • Turistic train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.
  • Private Transport from Ollantaytambo to Cusco
  • Four season tents (2 people in each one) you will have enough space.
  • Camping equipments (Kitchen tent, portable chairs and table )
  • Air mattresses
  • 3 Meals per day during the trek (food served in a buffet style)
  • Professional Cook
  • Snack for each day of trekking
  • Boiled water to drink for the 3 first days
  • availability of meals to your preference (vegetarian, vegan, pesquetarian, etc)
  • Horses or mules and muleteer to carry camping equipments and cooking stuff
  • A duffel bag where you can put inside 10 kilos from your personal stuff (it will be carry by the horses or mules)
  • First Aid Kit, with Oxigen ballon.

Doesn’t Include

  • Extra expense if you want to buy things along the trek
  • Entrance  fees to Waynapicchu Mountain or Montaña Machupicchu.(it has an extra cost of 25 dollars per person)
  • Sleeping bags (you can rent from us which cost 25 dollars for a professional one, which can support until -15 °C or 5 °F)
  • Walking sticks ( you can rent from us which cost 25 dollars for a professional black diamond pair)
  • Mineral water (you can buy bottle of mineral water in everycampsite)
  • Break fast and last lunch and dinner.
  • Entrances fees to the Natural hot spring of Santa Teresa (10 soles per person)
  • Transport to go to the Natural hotspring of Santa Teresa (40 soles per person)
  • Bus up and down from Aguas Calientes to Machu Pichu ( Round trip bus cost 24 dollars but just one way cost 12 dollars)
  • Upgrade your Turistic Train to a Luxury Vistadome Train to Ollantaytambo (70 $)
  • Horse to ride or to carry extra backpacks (120 dollars per horse or mule)
  • Tips for the team ( Is not obligatory but if you wish to do it, it will be welcome)

You Need to Bring


  • Original Passport
  • Student Card
  • Travel Insurance card (you have to le tus know the name of your Travel Insurance company and you travel Insurance number
  • Day Pack
  • Rain coat or Rain Poncho
  • Cold Clothes (For the first and Second day)
  • Waterproof hiking shoes
  • Bottle of Water
  • Flash Light
  • Towel
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Glasses
  • Caps or Hats
  • Gloves (for the first and second day)
  • Sandals
  • Insect Repellent (50% DEET Recommended)
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Walking sticks
  • Rain Pants
  • Medicines for Personal Use
  • Personal use stuff (Face moisturizer, Handsanitizer, Toothbrush and paste,etc)
  • Water Purifying Tablets
  • Camera with extra bateries
  • extra money, especially in soles, to buy extra necessities during the trekking, also to tip the team.

CONSIDERATIONS: Most of items mentioned above you can put them in your duffel bag that we will provide you, you will only need to walk with your day daypack with less heavy things.



2 people group US$ 450.00 per person
3 people group US$ 430.00 per person
4 people group US$ 420.00 per person
5 people to more US$ 400.00 per person


2 people group US$ 600.00 per person
3 people group US$ 580.00 per person
4 people group US$ 560.00 per person
5 people to more US$ 500.00 per person

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    Nº Passport










    Huayna Picchu Mountain: $25 Dolars

    Montaña Machu Picchu: $25 Dolars

    Extra Ten Only for You: $25 Dolars

    Extra Horse to Carry extra Luggage or to ride: $120 Dolars

    Upgrade Your Turistic Train to Vistadome Luxury Train: $70 Dolars

    Upgrade Your Turistic Hotel at Aguas Calientes to a 3 star Hotel: $50 Dólars

    Sleeping bag: $20 Dolars

    Walking sticks: $20 Dolars

    Matrimonial (1 bed for 2 people)Double (2 single beds)SingleTripleFourfoldOther

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    Payment Methods


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    Terms and Conditions



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    Please to have a formal reservation for any program, itinerary or tour with Andean Hikers Peru, you need to send us a deposit as follows:

    – For any Alternative Trek = 200 $ american dollars per person.

    – For any Inca Trail to Machu Picchu = 200 $ american dollars per person.

    – For any Inca Trail to Machu Picchu + Huaynapicchu or Machupicchu Mountain = 270 $ american dollars per person.

    – For any Amazon Jungle Trip = 200 $ american dollars per person

    – For any Peru Package = 40 % of the total Price of the Package.

    – For any other tour = 200 $ american dollars per person.

    Note: All deposits to formalize a tour, trek or a program are not refundable or transferable to another person.



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    You can do your final payment, 15 days before your starting date of your tour, trek or program, you can use one of the 3 payment methods described above, also you can pay your final payment 5 days before your starting date here in Cusco, it can be in cash, credit or debit cards.

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    For the Inca Trail: Due the regulations of the Inca Trail are very strict, if you or someone in your group wishes to cancel the Inca Trail reservation, you will haveto pay a penalty of 60% of the total price. For example the cost for the Inca Trail based in 2 people is 650 $ per person, so the 60% = 390 $ if you sent a deposit of 200 $ the penalty will be 390 $ – 200 = 190 $ 


    For Alternative Treks:  If you or someone in your group wishes to cancel any alternative trek, you have to pay a penalty of 50% of the total price. For example the cost for the Salkantay Trek based in 2 people is 450 $ per person, so the 50% = 225 $ if you sent a deposit of 150 $ the penalty will be 225 $ – 150 = 75 $ 


    For Peru Packages: If you or someone in your group wishes to cancel any Peru Package, you have to pay a penalty of 50% of the total price. For example if some Peru Package based in 2 people cost 1500 $ per person, so the 50% = 750 $ if you sent a deposit of 40% of the total price in this case will be 600 $ so the penalty will be 750 $ – 600 = 150 $ 


    For any other Tour or Program: If you or someone in your group wishes to cancel any other tour or program, you have to pay a penalty of 50% of the total price. For example the Machu Picchu by Train 2D/1N based in 2 people cost 480 $ per person, so the 50% = 240 $ if you sent a deposit of 150 $ so the penalty will be 240 $ – 150 = 90 $ 


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